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So the treasure in 4-16 says the party finds:

1) a common level 6 suit of magic armor OR
2) an uncommon level 5 magic implement

...but I don't see either in the Heroes of... books.  How are ya'll handling this?
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Neither are listed in the Dungeon Master's Book.

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I was just looking through the Compendium for some armor levelled 1-6 and found this item, for instance.  Looks like equipment has been updated here to be Essentially legal.  (see what I did there?)

I've used the Adventure Vaule 1&2 in earlier sessions.  This looks to validate that.
(edit: updated to show the level 6 item instead of the level 1 item)

Magic Armor
Level 6 Common

A set of basic yet effective enchanted armor.

Price: 1,800 gp
Armor: Any
Enhancement: +2 AC

Update (8/5/2010)
Item updated to match Essentials data.

Published in Player's Handbook 1, page(s) 230, Player Essentials 1, page(s) 345, Player Essentials 2, page(s) 346.

alright, figured out how to find it in the online character builder... one must uncheck the "show suggestions" box.

As for the level 5 uncommon implement/weapon - that doesn't exist.  So, I'm bumping it to a level 6 uncommon implement - unless someone has a better idea.

A non-essentials book is fine, but A) that'll have players wanting to go beyond essentials for all sorts of things, and B) they won't be able to use OCB under the "encounters" build thingy.
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This is absolutely the most frustrating part of encounters to date. Nothing sucks the wind out of the players more than telling them that they earn a level 3-5 magic item, but since none exist they'll have to take a generic +1 item.
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