super stealth watered down version

i'm sorta confused on the stealth rules and covers. 

1) do i have to be behind a corner? 

2) or can i stand outside with a 2 or 3 figures all with stealth ability. are they all "covered?" since the nearest figure will not count even though its out in front of the others?

what are some common strats when using this type of squad? i also heard that a normal stealth squad is pretty effective as well. what are some good pointers for someone who wants to test this out for the first time. useful strategies that'll work, nothing complex. just playing with friends

(sorry if this is a duplicate, which it might be. but i just cant seem to use the search function on any type of forums to its fullest)

thank you in advance!
1) No, a corner is not required for Stealth to take effect, just any form of cover and being more than 6 squares away.

2) No, if a character is standing out in the open, they are not in cover and Stealth is not in effect. If a character with Stealth is getting cover from another character then stealth would be in effect.

For a better understanding of the Stealth ability, I suggest reading Nickname's Stealth guide.

As for squad strategy, this board is not the place to discuss it. Back when WotC supported this game, General and Squad Critique would be the places to discuss this; However, when the game ended and WotC axed the main site, the community left the boards and now reside primarily at Bloo Milk and SWMGamers. Any SWM discussion would fare better on those boards then here.
ah, i see. thanks for the help nonetheless! =)
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