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Hey all! Found Castle Ravenloft here in Quebec City a couple weeks ago for cheap (a retailer that was just opening the box as I entered the store to see the content gave me a 25% "open box" discount...hahahh lucky me).  Only played 4 games so far and really enjoying it.  I'm not that familiar with D&D and only played like 3-4 times with the 2nd editions back in the days.

Now I see a lot of enpansion potential with CR.  Nwew monsters, heroes, powers, items, adventures, etc.  Some of you here already mentionned something about the D&D minis, which could offer CR compatible monster cards with the packs, which is an amazing idea!  New stuff is always cool right?

- Adventures is fairly easy to create, just need some imagination
- New heroes too, just the nice matte finish card to hold them would be a challenge (I love the matte finish on the CR) cards
- New tiles would be cool too, like outdoors and new and various indoor and dungeons.  Again fairly simple but the board holding them.
- New powers, encounters, treasures and monsters cards.  Would be a matter of keeping the balance in the game.
- The minis could be bought in packs with their cards.
- Finally, be able to level further than 2...

I'm just brainstorming with myself at boring work...

Did you guys heard something new coming for CR?  I guess a simple card expansion with new powers, treasures and encounters would be simple to do from WotC :P
Wrath of Acsc... Asch... Ash... the thing with the red dragon is in the works.
According to rumors (and a picture of the box I think) it may contain "campaign rules" (I imagine carrying over equipment)

I preordered one already and I hope it will sell great, because in my humble opinion this game craves for more expansions.

It is a miracle to me how wizards who are so keen on "boostering" everything (heck even the 4th edition player characters came with "new power cards") can NOT produce boosters for this with mini-adventures /etc. (something I wished for on these forums even before CR existed)