01/04/2011 LI: "Picking a Plan"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Limited Information, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Thank you thank you thank you Steve! A good column, and a grrrreat New Year resolution!! Smile
Thank you thank you thank you Steve! A good column, and a grrrreat New Year resolution!!

Totally agree.  Roll on 2011
Yep, love that resolution too.
If only he started by adhering to his resolution.

The major point I got from this article was "you either fail to achieve Metalcraft/Infect, or you're going to win with a train wreck". Or in short: "Scars draft sux."
I actually like Scars draft.  I think its one of the most skill intensive sets for draft they have ever printed.  Sure, there are linear strategies such as metalcraft/infect, but there are so many others.  Blue/White control, red/black aggro, red/green dinosaurs, white weenie, etc... The point is that if you go into a Scars draft thinking you can only draft metalcraft/infect you may miss that a perfectly good archetype is there waiting for you to beat down all those players who only see the linear.  Bravo I say, most fun drafting environment I've played in a while.

Oh yeah, and love the resolution :D
agreed - good article!  I've been doing dreadfully at Scars draft (worse than chance, ie I've won fewer than 1 in 8 drafts), probably from pursuing metalcraft and/or poison.  it's true that the decks I've won with were just full of good cards, and likewise the decks that beat me.  it bothers me a bit that Scars format tends to therefore favour the player that opens a bomb rare, so it ends up playing like a core set sometimes.

ps.  I've been mainlining Scrapdiver regularly, especially if I have a mana myr or two - I was a bit surprised that Steve was only siding it in...?  I guess I thought that (only) 5-6 fliers as win conditions (counting 2 Thrummingbirds!) wouldn't be enough.  maybe there was only enough room for Volition Reins as 6-drop, to keep the curve light?
Just want to add to all the positive reviews!  Love the draft walkthrough and the resolution.  I stink at drafts, and your reasonings are a huge help! Thanks!
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