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Our Encounters group is a small group of returning individuals, a core group. However, some concerns have cropped up recently. I'm (TO now, and sometime DM) going back to school, and while regularly the remote management I have set up while I'm at school would be sufficient, I'm worried about this group as about half of them suffer from one or another sort of Down Syndrome. They've been working fairly well together, but I'm worried that there's no one else available to DM who's capable of or willing to deal with their various issues. 

Some people at the store have already made pledges to never play with one individual.

It really has been a good experience for them, and I really want to be able to keep them playing, but unless someone is being paid to DM Encounters, I'm not sure I see it happening with me going back to school. I'm feeling a little out of my depth here. 

Thoughts? Magic solutions?
Clearly any DM who takes over should be forewarned that some of the players have a disability so they do not make a critical mistake simply because they did now know.  I think you are underestimating people a bit though in thinking no one can step up and handle it.  What you need is a mature DM (not necessarily in age).  If you do not have that person then you may need to advertise because I guarantee you there is someone nearby who would love the challenge and reward of doing this - they may just not know about it.  Does your store have a newsletter or facebook page? Have you written a tactful request for a DM including asking folks to talk to people they may know?

I agree it should continue and is a good thing for everyone.  You are certainly not alone either, many stores likely have one or more players with a disability (I hope they do). At my store one of my players and sometimes DMs is blind.  He usually plays, but DMs with someone else being his eyes and assistant sometimes.  D&D is very important to this individual and I have no doubt this is true as well for your players.  I have yet to see anyone complain because he needs to ask who is near him or where the closest enemy is etc. before he decides what his character will do.

In the spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act these folks MUST be treated like any other players as much as this is practical.  I don't care if you are talking about a documented disability or not - it's the spirit of this law which should be followed.  This means if other players express an issue - remind them that it is their choice to play, and they should not play and be complaining about others - it's that simple.

I wish you luck!  If you think your backup DM(s) are capable of growing into this position then talk to them.  They may surprise you.
Thanks for the reply Shaadow!

After the first week, we seem to be okay short-term, but I'll definitely talk to my boss about advertising on our Facebook page. Ideally, I'm hoping to be able to have DMs to alternate, whether every chapter or every session as needs be, so we don't wear any one person out. 
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