Comprehensive list of Dementia caster info.

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Just like it says on the box guys, I would like to get a compleat list of story elements about dementia summoners.
Well, to start with, you could try the books from that period. Specifically:

Chainer's Torment


The two trilogies should give you at least partial information. Your best bet, for both information and for actually enjoying what you're reading (as opposed to scooping your brain out with a spoon) is Chainer's Torment.

If you don't want to actually spend money... Hm, let's see. There's Salvation's Wiki, have you tried that? (Have you tried Google?) There's also, at the top of this forum, the Tome of Flavor, which no one ever reads despite the fact that it has massive quantities of really quite useful information such as this right here. And here: two links to some more specific info on Dementia summoners, taken from that very page.

Phyrexia's storyline articles tend to be good. Here's one on Chainer. You might find this far ancient thread interesting as well, as a few of the posters mention the inconsistent depiction of dementia space throughout the different stories (something I hadn't realized, actually, but was not that uncommon during this period of sketchy editing and incoherent plotlines).

That's basically what a quick search turned up. If you want to delve in deeper you might be able to find other information in any of the sources I mentioned above. I highly recommend the Tome of Flavor and the Phyrexian Forum in particular.
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Also, if you want "graphic" info about dementia summoners, there are style guide sketches on that may be useful (I remember one in particular which showed the usual look of a dementia summoner). At least, there used to be sketches, because lots of pictures went missing after the last relooking of the site (when will people understand that archives are important ?). But it's worth the try. Use the search engine, pray Yaugz... sorry, the Powers, and you may find something.
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