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This hit me a few moments ago, that something of the sort might be useful to have around on the boards. I'm sure many of us live in areas with location names that we just can't figure out how to "Gammaize", myself included, so I thought we could help each other out.

I, personally, live in Venice. I've got two ideas.

Idea one - changing the name of the town to "Vince", and having the people living here have some sort of strange delusional hero-worship going on to a person named Vince - Who never really existed.

Idea two - The town being based around a location that has a sign with "Venice" on it, but the "en" has worn away, so that we just have the town of "Vice".

The part I'm having the most trouble with, however, is the Myakka river. I can't come up with any ides one how to twist that one - It just completely escapes me!
My River and Yak River jump out as possibilities.

My River ties well with Vince. It belonged to Vince, so he named it My River.

Yak could have something to do with local fauna, or maybe there are weird sounds by the river, so people think it's talking?
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You could chop it up:


Contract it:


Change letters:


Combinations of the above:

Bin Lice
Fine Ice
Be Nice
Been Nice
Bean Lice

Or you could pun it up a bit:

Vine-Ice (are there mutated crykinetic plants in the area, perhaps?)



Oops, looks like this request tried to create an infinite loop. We do not allow such things here. We are a professional website!

Ok.Try this one.

Canal Winchester.

I have tried to come up with something super Gamma cool, but everything comes out kinda....Meh...

or kinda filthy...Just take out the first C and well...you see where that starts to go...

Anyway,I have tried changing letters, cutting letters, and changing it all around.

Even researched the history of the town in hopes of finding some nugget of inspiration.

I got nothin.

My hometown is easy: Jamestown becomes Jay Borg (years of people referring to the city of jamestown and nearby frewsberg, combining the two into j-berg and with the local cyborg hospital...)

Canal Winchester: Can Winch, Can-chester, Canster, Canst, Winchster, Wincher

Venice: Be Nice, Vence (as in fence) or even Fence, Vennie, Nice

Myakka River: Mike River, Myka River, Yakko River, My'kk River, Mokko River, Yolk River, Myolk River, Mmm, Yolk River
Canal Winchester sounds pretty weird as-is.  That goes double for Myaka River. 

Winchester sounds a bit like Wind Chaser. 

Myaka sounds just a bit like a slurred, Mire Car.

Another technique you can do starts with the assumption that language has drifted since the apocalypse, and the meanings of words have changed a bit.  You can then use a synonym for what a word has come to mean. 

Take Canal Winchester.   Winchester is a brand of firearms.  It could come to be a regional word for gun.   The connotation of canal could drift from man-made, to alien  - because of vaguely remembered Martian Canal stuff, maybe even martian.  So the town becomes known as 'Martian's Gun.'  The inhabitants are still saying something close to Canal Winchester, but the meaning has drifted, and you provide the 'translation.'   This device is a lot less apropriate for the 21st century Big Mistake, than it was for the 24th century versions of Gamma Terra.



Oops, looks like this request tried to create an infinite loop. We do not allow such things here. We are a professional website!

Venice = Venus

Canal Winchester = Can'cer Town

I'm tempted to make Supernatural puns about Canal Winchester.

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Serow, I assume we're talking about Venice, Florida. Your original ideas both lead me to the same place:

The Big Mistake occurs in 2012. The PSP and PlayStation2 may technically be outdated technology, but there are plenty of both still around. Both platforms had Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories - a game set in a fictional south Florida city and starring a character named Vince Vance. (Edit: Actually it's Vic Vance... d'oh.)

I could run with this in about a dozen different directions, but here's the first idea that jumps out at me:

A sentient PSP with an android body and a copy of GTA: VCS stuck in its drive has become obsessed with recreating the City of Vice that it "remembers" so that it can once again build and rule a criminal empire. And... cue the plot.
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