Additional Uber Features

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Here are some thoughts for additional features you can select at level 10:

* Choose one of your origin utility powers. You can use that power one additional time each encounter.
* Choose one of your ability scores. If it is lower than 16, raise it to 16. If it is 16 or higher, increase it by 2.
* You score a critical hit on an attack roll of 19 or 20.
* You never experience Alpha Flux as a result of rolling a 1.
* You never run out of ammo.

Caoimhe Ora Snow

Adventurers League Local Coordinator, Los Angeles area (AL FAQ here!)

5e D&D Stuff: Birthright Conversion

Adventures League Characters (click for list)
Adventurers League Characters:
  • Oraibi Jhannivvar (human noble devotion paladin of Siamorphe, level 8) and Golden Dawn (celestial warhorse); Lords' Alliance
  • Ninkasi the Ale-Nun (human guild artisan life cleric of Chantea, level 6); Harpers
  • Bacavi Jhannivvar (human sage arcane trickster/cleric of Tymora, level 4/1) and Teddy (cat familiar); Lords' Alliance, Cloaks
  • Alcyone Pleiades (air genasi sailor conjuration wizard, level 3) and Buster (crab familiar); Harpers, Cloaks
  • Rhythm (tiefling entertainer bard, is a dancer, level 3); Harpers
  • Verdigris (copper dragonborn gladiator beastmaster ranger, level 3) and Heqet (giant frog); Emerald Enclave
  • Niran Wishcrafter (fire genasi charlatan chaos sorcerer, level 2) a.k.a. "Madame Vessa" (human fortune teller); Zhentarim
  • Claráin Coppervault (mountain dwarf guild artisan abjuration wizard, level 2) and Julius (cave octopus familiar); Harpers