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So when asked who the most powerful planeswalker is most people think Jace, the Mind Sculptor, however if you don't take into account mana cost Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker may be the best.  However, he has an extremely high mana cost in colors that aren't especially good at ramping.  We've got Everflowing Chalice now though.  With that and an early Thrummingbird things could get pretty insane pretty quickly and getting out a Nicol Bolas on turn 5 doesn't seem to difficult.  Now with some other proliferate cards like Inexorable Tide things start to come into picture.  Cards like Tumble Magnet could be good too.  Cascade cards and other planeswalkers would only make the deck better.  I'm thinking of building something like this.  You guys think this could end up being viable?
Going all-in on Bolas doesn't seem like it's worth the pay off when you compare to all-in on Mythic Conscription. Just saying.
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I just finished building an extended bolas deck. It beats fae at least 50/50, so I'll take that. Aggro has almost zero chance.


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