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just played scenario 2. Do you win if you kill all monsters on chapel tile and collect the icon or do you have to make it back to the start tile with it (thus escaping with it). If it's the former then you don't really get much time to use the icon.

Lastly, the rules state that you can only explore after the hero phase and when you are adjacent to an unexplored edge. As you have to place a monster when you explore that means that you will get attacked every time you explore. If the monster cards are shuffled poorly (or you are very unlucky) then you could end up getting attacked my strong monsters at every exploration stage. Does anyone use house rules here (such as if you haven't attacked and still have movement left you can continue moving after exploring and attack the new nasty monster before he does...grrrr)?
According to my interpretation of the rules. You only have to kill the monsters spawned on the chapel tile to complete the adventure.

To answer your exploration question, I don't use any house rules like the one you mention. The rules state that you can't move after you explore, because moving is part of your hero phase and placing the tile is part of your exploration phase. Also, because placing a monster is also part of your exploration phase, you can't move after that either.

I think having some sort of mechanic for not always getting hit first by the monster would be nice. But the fact that this greatly increases PC survivability (and thus imbalances existing scenarios) seems like a drawback.

So here are (a) ways of letting the PC get the first blow and (b) counter-balancing disadvantages that could balance those mechanics.

It would be interesting to playtest them in various combinations. (I'm thinking pick 1 from list A and pick 1 from list B.)



- Exploration costs 1 movement point (instead of being a separate phase). (Which means you can continue moving and/or attack before the monster activates.)

- The player to the left of the active player draws monsters generated by exploring a new tile. (Which means that PC will have a chance to act before the monster activates.)

- Monsters only activate on the turn they appear IF they ambush the PCs. This could either be a flat "roll 10+ to avoid ambush" mechanic. Or it could be scaled to the XP of the monster (XP 1 monsters ambush on rolls of 1-5; XP 2 monsters on 1-10; XP 3 monsters on 1-15).

- Monsters only activate on the turn they appear if they're generated on a tile with a black arrow. (You might want to reverse this if using the first disadvantage below.)



- Tiles with white arrows generate 1 monster; tiles with black arrows generate 2 monsters.

- Create flavorful, but universally negative for the PCs, mechanics for all named cards. (These mechanics are not used if the named card is a Quest Tile for the current adventure.)



When entering a tile with unexplored edges which has no monsters in it (or when the last monster in an occupied tile is killed), all adjacent tiles are immediately placed and explored (generating monsters).

The ranger's exploration ability can be used to explore the unexplored edges of a neighboring tile as if someone had entered that tile.

I suspect this method will probably need to be combined with either one of the ambush mechanic or having the player to your left draw cards. (Another option would be for each player to draw one monster each, proceeding clockwise from the current player).

I like them and may use some of them, thanks.
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