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I saw the budget Elves article, and I put it together because it was cheap, and it looked simple enough to teach my girlfriend how to play mtg and give her the deck (even got pink sleeves and pink deck box) I have just one problem.  I don't quite understand the infinite combo with Devoted Druid, and Ezuri, Renegade Leader.  Could someone please explain to me how it creates infinite mana?  I tried to google it but I didn't really find the answer.  I linked the article below just in case.  One more thing, what else would this deck need to really compete?  When I was at the card shop, the guy said it looked pretty good as is and scribbled a couple of other names on the list that I couldn't read.  So what are the other standard things in this type of deck?  Thank you for your help.
fristly, Ezuri;s ability to pay 2ggg and give all elves +3/+3 and trample with 2 devoted druids being tapped and untapped 3 times adds 1 extra mana to the pool and allows you to do it again negating the counters.

My suggestions, change elvish harbinger to gilt-leaf archdruid, regal force to genesis wave and nettle sentinel to joraga warcaller and throw in some lys alana huntsmasters or quest for renewal and you should be a winner in most environments.  Was gonna do a simmilar build as that but I dont really like elves, was just upset about artifact hate and I decided its better to just stomp them with sweepers then show them why elves are overpowered.  Well, have fun and best of luck to ya.
Thanks for your help.  I've been thinking of dropping the Joraga Treespeaker's for Joraga Warcaller.  I really using genesis wave and hitting the Regal force, because you draw even so maybe I could drop 1 Regal force and add 1 Genesis Wave? I also really like that quest for renewal.  What about dropping Primal Command and adding that quest for renewal? That seems like it would hit extremely well in the deck, but that Command is something that helps me finish the combo.  I guess I will have to playtest.  Anyway, thanks for your response!
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