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Just bought the game and have a few questions about contents.

1. The contents state I should have 50 'treasure' cards and 5 'adventure' cards. Are the adventure cards the 'Adventure Treasure' cards? If so,my game contained 45 'treasure' cards and 10 'adventure treasure' cards. Does this matter?

2.  Do you just mix the adventure treasure cards into the treasure card deck at the beginning of the game as I can't find anywhere in the rules about 'adventure treasure' cards.

The adventure Treasure cards are for specific adventures in the adventure books. In general, no you do not mix those in.
ok, thanks. As mentioned I have been given 10 adventure treasure cards (8 different ones and 2 identical ones with stakes). Can you name the 5 adventure cards that I should have so I can seperate them from the others.

Actually, I believe the count of cards was off in the rulebook - treat all 10 adventure treasure cards as separate, and just the 45 treasure cards go in the treasure deck.

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