Dragon 394 - Confessions of a Full-Time Wizard: Arcana Lang Syne

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Dragon 394
Confessions of a Full-Time Wizard: Arcana Lang Syne

by Shelly Mazzanoble

The path of wizardry is trod by but a few, those happy few with auto-hit powers.

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I liked this article. I hope Shelly isn't going to shelve tumbilina permanently, stick with it for a game or two. You may find something you like even more than a magicky types.

My first 2e char was a cleric. my first 3e character was a cleric. my first 4e character was a cleric. But now I love playing my Dwarf fighter more than anything.

Maybe try a different class that fills the same role as the mage, like an invoker or a druid.

I haven't seen the essential rogue in action but from my wife's rogue and the other in the gaming group it seems, they seem to be a hard one to get a handle on to begin with.

Go out of your comfort and competence zone, you'll be a better gamer for it in the long run.

Then it's on to DMing!
She's BACK!

This is exactly what I have been missing & am so glad to see a return to form for our Player in Chief!

I love every single thing about this article.

"Mage Envy" ? Absulutely added to my personal vocabulary and will be using it tonight as Quinn once again sets up shop in the middle and gets beaten unconscious.

Clever observations about the WotC staff? Fantastic! I love this kind of reporting--playful teasing, and just old fashioned D&D sarcasm--it is great to see it alive and well in Washington!

Threaded theme used throughout the article? Resolved! A clever literary trick that shows thought--appreciated +2.

Cat Humor....well, maybe I didn't love everything about this article! But seriously, a very nice article that made me smile.

Now about @JMCampbell's "Then it's on to DMing"....Thanks, David S.

I feel so sorry for girls like Tumblina... I have a poor girl in my D&D group that rolls like that every session and she is the rogue!!

Good thing she likes the story!  I think you should try a barbarian...

I have never said this before, but Shelly's article was the best thing in the magazine this month. This is the first thing that I have read of hers (including her book) where I had the thought "Yes, this was written by a D&D player." (As opposed to someone that just happens to have played D&D. Odd distinction, I know.)

I think this article shows the best of what her writing can be, and is actually worthy of the Player in Chief title. Please keep it up!  

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I always love the CoaFTW articles.
I'm not too sure about the message of this one though. It seems like "stick to what you know and abandon something if you're not immediately good at it.".

I parrot the sentiment to stick with a Rogue for a few games.
Two minor first steps to being a good Rogue:
1) Look at the Rogue Class Skill list and become familiar with what the ones you've chosen can do.
2) Become paranoid that everything is a trap, beause it is... just ask the Wizard...
(If there's one thing a Wizard is, it's paranoid. Actually they know so much it's not really paranoia as it is preparation for the innevitable.)
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