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Hello all! The winners of the contest (found here) have all been contacted. While the website hasn't been updated with the announcement, we have been given the OK to let you guys know who won!

Without further ado, here are the winners:

Kevin G. for Skull of Necromancy

Greg F. for A Hero Lost

Dwayne S. for Curses!

These 3 winners will—in addition to having their scenarios posted online—each receive a copy of the forthcoming Wrath of Ashardalon board game (when it becomes available).

Michael Robles Community Manager Wizards of the Coast Twitter: @michaelrobles
Congrats to the winners!

I can't wait to play these scenarios!
Congratulations to the winners,

thank you for submitting them.

My entry wasn't chosen as one of the top three, but if anyone would like to try it out I've posted it here:

Castle Ravenloft custom scenario - One Small Step

Hi Guys, this is Dwayne, one of the winners of the contest. I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the scenario from some of you who have played "Curses!". I have already told the person who contacted me that I would be more than willing to create more scenarios. If that sounds like something you would like, then let me know on the boards. If nothing else I will make scenarios and post them on these boards even if Wizards doesn't specifically request them. I also encourage the other contest winners to create more with me, and even those who didn't win. All in the community could benefit from this, and who knows Wizards might take notice and make official posts for those who don't follow the boards.
I would like to see you create more scenarios Dwayne. Thanks
I was under the impression that these scenarios would be posted on the web site.  Have they and where can I find them?  Have there been any additional scenarios posted?  I am a DDI subscriber so links would be great.

They posted the contest winners here.

And they posted two bonus adventures here

Haven't played through them yet, but I'm looking forward to doing so soon. 
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