Character Builder Update 12/21 and other DDI news

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Next Tuesday, December 21st, we're going to update the Character Builder with new content and features.

Character Builder Content

 On the content side of things you can expect:

  • Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms

  • Dragon 392

  • Dungeon 183

Export Feature

This update will also include the ability to export your characters to your computer.

Now, when you choose to load a character from the main Character Builder menu, you'll see the options in the screen shot above. Clicking on export will export the chosen character to your computer as a CB file. Utilizing this, you can now keep your active characters in the cloud and export any other characters you're not actively tinkering around with to your desk top - with the intention of importing them back in later when you need them.

Bug Fixes

We also have some bug fixes going into the Character Builder next Tuesday. Here's a look at some of the more prominent bugs that were fixed:

  • Extended Arena Training now correctly allows the user to pick two additional weapons as arena weapons.

  • Daggers should now function as sorcerer implements.

  • Character sheets should now scale properly when shown on screen.

  • Total Weight will now reflect the weight of the currency carried.

  • A client side crashed was fixed that occurred when trying to save a character with a negative experience value.

  • Skill training feats are now showing correctly as options during character creation.

  • The character sheet option now correctly defaults to Essentials or Character Builder based on the user selection.

  • Creating a low-level character after creating a high-level character will no longer result in blank pages being displayed in the Character Sheet.


All the monsters from the Monster Vault will be going in to the Compendium on the 21st.

Other News...

And last but not least, I wanted to talk a little about the upcoming web-based Adventure Tools/Monster Builder beta. With everything that's been going on and the upcoming holidays, we've pushed this back a bit. I'm hopeful we can get this out to you next month and I'll keep you updated as I get more info.

Thanks much to all those who reported the bugs and offered constructive feedback - please keep it up!
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