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My character got a level 4 common arm slot item from this session.  There are no level 4 arm slot items--common or uncommon--detailed in the Essential books nor in the Character Builder.  Is it kosher to branch out into the Adventurer's Vault for this?  My Knight would really like a new shield.
Most people have been branching out, yes; though it's worth noting that, generally speaking, treasure bundles that just have an item level are implied as "Up to level x" and not "Level x" in absolute, as the latter is needlessly limiting.!/Nullzone42
Yeah its a level 4 or lower common arm slot item. If your a striker or defender I think the Armbands of mighty striking are probobly the best even though they are level 2 they are quite powerful. If you are a controller or leader the choices are pretty weak.
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Thanks for the clarification.  If anyone's interested, I went with the Shield of Deflection.  I figured the resist 2 versus ranged and area attacks would serve me better than the extra damage from the armbands.  I'm usually in the single digits of hit points by the end of round 1 because of ranged attacks.
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