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So, for Gamma World, when you make your character currently you get your two origins that pretty much set what your character is. Famine in Far-Go adds the Cryptic Alliances, which shows your characters beliefs. Then Legion of Gold will be adding Vocations, which sets what your character does for a living.

If further products were going to be made, what else would you like to see added to your characters? Given the way that the Cryptic Alliances were handled, I'd guess Vocations would be randomly determined as well. So, I'd guess that anything else added would also have that random factor - So, I suppose it might be best to stick with that!

One layer I could imagine them adding would be a worldline orientation representing the character (or their ancestors/tribe) coming from an alternate worldline and still keeping some biology/culture from their.  For instance, a character could have a mix of bonuses and penalties if they came from a Ishtar dominated world, or one that was still stuck in the Dark Ages, or one where Hoops and Hoppers are the apex of evolution (and thus everyone connected to it has rabbitish traits).

im going to have cryptic alliances be the 'highest paying contract of the week' variant; probably have each player randomly draw; pretty sure this the the default variant described in the book.

maybe ill slip them some brief information with their draw that ties to the story and makes that cryptic alliance(s) relevant to what is going on that week. each week they'll redraw.

still working out the particulars as this goes a little deeper than what FiFG gives.

for future modules, id love to see a library of specific locations that the characters could come from as a randomized draw; that sounds more like just another item on a char sheet tho; no need to make cards for it.

maybe negative mutations?
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