12/16/2010 Feature: "2010 World Championships Metagame Breakdown"

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This thread is for discussion of this Feature Article, which goes live Thursday morning on magicthegathering.com.
This article was very helpful. My group is trying to get ready for the Extended PTQ season and kept debating which decks would show up more. While not conclusive, this is a pretty good starting point for us.
Thanks for sharing the info.
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Thanks for the info, but personally I'd rather hear about Legacy.  With no Survival in the Top 2 Teams, only 2 in the Thursday event, and the Sunday event results not up on MTG.com (as of 2 am this morning), I'd like to know what happened in Japan.

The country results, sadly, dont' say much at all.  The high and low countries' results are skewed from a smaller sampling, whilst the two largest represented countries, JPN and USA, with almost 300 matches apiece, averaged out very close to 50%, which is to be expected -- as the sample size grows, statistics say that the percentage will come closer and closer to the middle point.

Though the statement that the USA is not dominant is correct, we can't derive it from this table of data.