Sessoin 13 buffs

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Brilliant sunlight glistens on the scales of the lizardfolk, highlighting vulnerable spots. Characters gain +1 to hit lizardfolk.

Fist-sized spiders scuttle around the clearing. All creatures grant combat advantage to the spiders.

Errant poison darts in the ground make movement dangerous. Creatures moving 4+ squares save at end of turn or take 3 poison damage.

The squelching soft earth underfoot slows your movement. Creatures suffer a -1 penalty to speed.

A screeching roar in the near distance distracts your opponents. Lizardfolk grant combat advantage.

Shreds of spiderwebs catch on a breeze and flutter around your heads, clinging to your faces. Characters are -1 to hit lizardfolk.

Edit:  I forgot one, not sure how I didn't get it included but there it is.  It's the last one on the list now.


Thanks again for your consistent delivery of these!
my pleasure.

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