[CRL] Questions regarding 2 or more players and merging 2 sets + some rules

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question 1:
okay so i have been wondering.
should we be playing like:
player 1 phase -> monster phase -> player 2 phase -> monster phase -> player 1 phase
player 1 -> player 2 -> monsters -> player 1 -> player 2 -> monsters?
we have been planning to play like 7-8 players and that would be like super many monster phases /moves in between every player.

question 2:
is it possible to merge 2 sets so that we will have a possiblity of 10 player play, more monsters, cards and bigger dungeon? any opinions on merging 2 castle ravenloft games together? why? why not?

question 3:
after exploring a tile a monster appears every time and attacks, otherwise we have to draw a encounter card and get damage anyways... does the monster attack right after being summoned or is there like 1 turn delay so we get a chance to attack first?

question 4:
is it possible to level up higher than lvl 2? we played like for each next level we have been adding 2 hp , 1ac and 1surge... is that alowed?
question 1:
player - monster - player - monster - etc. (everyone does only move his OWN monsters, except if you have a duplicate in which case you move every duplicate in play)

question 2:
I would not recommend it - the number of explored tiles will not go up dramatically because "more players" doesn't mean that you can move faster (you still have to reach those edges of the tiles) which will result in many encounter cards drawn - might turn out problematic.
If you want more players I'd rather keep 1 base set and test if it works by copying 1 or 2 classes or take one of the new ones of boardgamegeek. (custom)

question 3
the monster does ACT immediately. (that does not necessarily mean attack - depends on where it stands and where you stand - in most cases it will attack of course).
Remember that you can cancel an encounter card with a wizard power and that you can cancel an encounter card by discarding defeated monsters worth 5xp to counter an encounter!

question 4:
not at the moment - officially it is not allowed - if you house rule it - why not.
I couldn't see any scenario however where this would have worked for us. (remember you need to get an according treasure card or hit on a natural 20 AND have 5 xp spare to level)

hope I could help
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