Dungeon 185 - Bark at the Moon Part 1

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IMAGE(http://www.wizards.com/DnD/Globals/Images/Icons/DnDi_Large.png)Dungeon 185 - Bark at the Moon Part 1
By Robert J. Schwalb

This is one of the largest adventures published in Dungeon for a while and this is the first part. I think it could have something to do with Werewolves.

My immediate impression: Dungeon Tile maps.

Color me immensely disappointed on that aspect, especially after the gorgeous cartography of Lord of the White Fields last month. Though the rest of the article looks really good it is let down a lot by that aspect alone.

You know what got me so excited about Lord of the White Field? The gorgeous cartography. I looked at that adventure the first time, flipped through to the maps and stopped. I was all WOW. This one? I flip through, see Dungeon tiles and my immediate impression instantly is "Disappointment". I've since read the actual adventure more and my disappointment has increased. Not because it is bad: Exactly the opposite in fact, as the adventure is really well written and very good. But because such an excellent adventure is let down so heavily by the lack of great maps to support it.

Overall one (very) happy face for the writing and a bunch of unhappy faces for the lack of actual maps.
i love the idea of this adventure, I really do.  What I want to see in the second part however is a set of rules for players who wish to embrace their lycanthropy.  I want to see an actual lycanthrope beyond the shifter whatever/lycanthrope hybrids.
It doesn't necessarily even have to be a race.  It seems like you could take a page from DS book and give the character an alternative reward that adds something good/ bad to their character from their disease like the tembo scars or grandmaster training, etc but with possible bad side effects included as well.  Why make something like this merely bad.  If a character manges to prevail in the adventure despite cripply issues with a curse, let them have the curse transform them to some degree as part of an adventure reward.
I really liked it so far.  Good story. couple of Quests, some Skill Challenges and a few combat encounters. They are striking a better balance here. So far it's a different breed than the Delve-Style adventurers seen lately in Dungeon. Uses part Maps part Tiles but i am okay with that. I liked to see infected NPC. Made me realise we never saw much NPC infected by some Diseases or other hinderances. I love Lycanthropes and this one is full of win.

Cure Diseases and Yura the Healer are a threat to this adventure thrilling fear. DM should keep those at bay for as long as possible and let the PC fear the Raging Lycanthopy Diseases of the Werewolf Moon Frenzy. Laughing

Cant wait to see the rest of it !!!


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Looks good, so far. I'm really looking forward to part 2.

My only complaints: cartography (of course), real-world names (a pet hate that I know many don't share) and the simple fact that we have one adventure this month in the magazine known as Delve (but formerly known as Dungeon... and soon to be reduced even further in size to Encounter before finishing as Stat Block).
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I don't mind the use of dungeon tiles.  They're easier to set up than sketching on a battlemat or printing multiple letter-sized sheets and trying to line up all the edges.
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This adventure is quite good, especially if you look at it from a flexibility point of view. Lord of the White Fields was definitely better, but I would be very happy with dungeon if all the adventures printed in it used this as the quality bar.

I hope to see more adventures written with this kind of flexibility in mind.
i love that it uses tiles, i want it to be all tiles and maps
It's unusual to find Dungeon adventures in which something actually interesting is going on.  Keep it up!

This is a great adventure and I look forward to running it at some point. I'm okay with tiles OR maps or both. Good writing here, lots of jumping off points to turn it into a much bigger adventure. Loots of ways to hook them in. I like the fact that the latest bunch of adventures have a real fear element to them. I like it when my players are afraid

Quick question... what's up with the numbering. Is this part 1 or parts 1-3?  I'm confused.
The adventure is split into 5 parts individually, with the actual PDF broken into 2 for ease of reading (or whatever). Parts 1-3 are in this PDF and the concluding part 4 and part 5 will be in the next PDF.
Shame I can't actually see part 1 any more because they seem to have given it the same URL as part 2, and taken it down while part 2 is being added.

Is the adventure just being compiled into one PDF in that case? 
I want to start DM'ing this adventure, but I'm a little at loss with the Dungeon Tiles. I have most of the old ones (none of the recent ones), and I have no problem purchasing the new ones, but I would just like to know which sets are being used for those encounters. Is there a list somewhere, or has someone already created an overview? The adventure itself doesn't mention sets at all it seems.