Tieflings and Fire

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In honor of today's new article, I've created a feat in order to avoid reflavoring in favor of homebrew.

A Different Kind of Devil
Prerequisite: Tiefling
Benefit: Whenever a tiefling feat or racial feature has the “fire” keyword, affects your fire attacks, or grants fire resistance, change it instead to one of the following damage types: Acid, cold, lightning, necrotic, or poison.

I'm aware that the wording isn't perfect, so how should I change it to better reflect WotC's style?  Also, how exploitable do you think this feat would be - is it game-breaking, or relatively harmless?
Shouldn't be too bad, but be aware that by offering cold you're opening some fairly powerful effects to Frost Cheese.

Regarding wording, I'd say that as long as it's for your game, and you keep an eye on the way it's being used, the specifics of wording shouldn't hugely matter - it's your rule, your interpretation should be key.  Just make sure that you discuss its implications with your players before the game, rather than springing them upon your players mid-flow.
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Actually, this is part of a larger thing I was thinking about submitting to WotC, so I wanted to get the wording just right.  They usually ignore my submissions, but hey.  I want a more versatile tiefling.
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