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And the idea is to combine multiclass and hybrid to do it.

The build at the moment is:

Dragonborn Paladin/Sorcer Hybrid ---> Scion of Arkhosia + Multiclass Barbarian --->  Primal Avatar

Primary stats are Strength and Charisma, with Wisdom being the secondary.

Feats selected so far:

Level 1: Hybrid Talent (Dragon Soul)
Level 2: Hybrid Talent (Paladin Armor)
Level 4: Improved Dragon Soul
Level 6: Enlarged Dragon Breath
Level 8: Dragonborn Senses
Level 10:
Level 12:
Level 14:
Level 16:
Level 18:
Level 20: Multiclass Barbarian
Level 22:
Level 24:
Level 26: Adept Power (Blue Dragon Rage)
Level 28: Novice Power (Rampaging Dragon Strike)
Level 30:

The idea is to use the Paladin abilities for defense and some minor self healing, while the Sorcerer half does all the work of knocking down bad guys, while throwing up spells like Lightning Breath and Burning Spray to repay any damage I take in kind. The later addition of Barbarian then adds some added mobility in the ability to teleport and turn intangible on top of the flight granted by Scion.

The question is, what other feats and powers best fit the theme I'm working with? I sketched out the feats I plan on taking initially, so that people can at least have some idea of what prerequisites I should be able to make and when. I have access to PHB 1, 2, and 3, as well as Adventurer's Vault and Arcane Power.
You can't get two hybrid talents, sorry dude.

You can only get your 2nd hybrid talent by chooosing to be a Paragon Hybrid.
Take the 'I become a dragon' epic destiny from the Dark Sun book.
as a caviler you can ride a dragon at level 21, dragonborn riding a dragon (raise the roof b****)

Dragonborn as a race is an obvious place to start, as is the Dragon Magic Sorcerer for an obvious starter class.

If you'd rather have a Dragonborn that reflects dragons as sources of fear than as a source of breath weapons, Dragon 388 offers a racial variant feature to replace Dragon Breath with Dragonfear. However, this does impair your choice of paragon paths.

While Scion of Arkhosia is an obvious racial paragon path for a Dragonborn that wants to become more like a dragon, a Primal classed dragonborn with the ability to do Lightning damage with Dragon Breath can also take the Storm Dragon paragon path, which functionally makes them a miniature, anthropomorphic blue dragon (Thunder & Lightning resistance, ignore same, Overland Flight 8, lighting & thunder powers).

If flight isn't the defining aspect of dragons for you, then Dragon 385 has a quintet of Metallic Dragon-themed paragon paths that only dragonborn can take; Argentum Agent, Mercurial Assassin, Adamant Instructor, Gleeborn, Mithral Arm.

There are two epic destinies that specifically revolve around becoming a dragon. Dark Sun has the Dragon King (Sorcerer King? Can't remember off the top of my head), but this requires both being an arcanist and persuading your DM to allow access to Arcane Defiling, an optional Arcane Class Feature from Dark Sun. Dragon 388 has the Draconic Incarnation, which simply requires you be an arcanist.

The Avatar of Io ED (dragonborn racial) is pretty good for Dragon Sorcerers, and grants flight (hover!)

Co-author on AoA 2-3 and 4-1.

At level 29, you can take the awesome Wyrmforme Sorcerer daily power.

It lets your transform into a Huge dragon of your color choice (from green, blue, black, etc.)  You can still only use arcane powers while in that form but you also get a Bite attack, a breath weapon (encounter) and an OA attack (which makes you use your Bite attack and push the target.)

It is only good for once per day, but you might be able to talk your DM into letting you keep the change for longer than the encounter / 5 minutes.  Maybe. 
Draconic Incarnation? Dragon 388
Alas, I have no access to Dragon Magazine, to see what nifty little abilities it might lend me.

So far I have:
Hybrid Paladin Sorcerer ---> Scion of Arkohsia ---> "I want to be a dragon!" (Dark Sun Campaign Setting. Ah, the joys of working at a book store!)

Hybrid Talent: Dragon Soul Sorcerer
Weapon Proficiency: Dragon's Paw (Dark Sun)
Dragon Paw Novice (Dragon's Rampage encounter power)
Dragon Paw Initiate (Dragon's Assault power)

Wyrm Form (Level 29 Sorcerer Daily)
Blue Dragon Rampage (Barbarian attack)
Rampaging Dragon Strike (Barbarian)
Dragon's Breath (Racial)
Dragon's Wings (Paragon)
Dragon's Wrath (Paragon)
Dragon Flame Mantle (Sorcerer Utility)

Unsurprisingly, I do great at crowd control...
I belive there was a post about this and using druid with some minor fluff changes to make a dragon.
Awesome Wyrm Form turns us into dragons , sucks that we can only choose from the 5 most basic color dragons .
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