December 7th, 2010 Compendium and Adventure Tools News

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Here’s a summary of the new data and features that went live today for Compendium, and Adventure Tools.

Data Update:

Data from the following published materials are new this month in the Compendium


  • Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdom

  • Rules Compendium

  • Dark Sun Creature Catalog


  • Dragon #392

  • Dungeon #183

Plus we're doing the normal monthly erratta.

Remember: You need an active D&D Insider subscription to update your Character Builder with the new data and features.

Adventure Tools update:
We fixed a number of bugs that cropped up during our last release and we are releasing this version as the last downloadable one, before switching to the online Adventure Tools. There is no content update for Adventure Tools today.

We wanted to make sure you had a fully functioning tool to create monsters while we work on releasing the online Adventure Tools. The online Adventure Tools will release in beta later this month and will include the new content from Dark Sun Creature Catalog and Monster Vault.

From the Studio:
The frenzy of releasing a whole new integrated system of tools has been very high these last six months. There are still a few more things we’d like to get done before the holidays, including an update to the character builder and the adventure tools mentioned above. Once that’s done, the Studio will collectively take a well-earned vacation to spend with their respective families. Though it may be a bit early, everyone from the D&DI studio wishes you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

As always gang, thanks much for the great feedback over these last few weeks and please keep it up. I’ll be back in periodically when I have news of what’s going on later in the month.

Trevor Kidd Community Manager

Edit: Removed Monster Vault levels 1-10 from the list of updates.

The Monster Vault content did not make it into today's update, but we're hoping to be able to get it in later in December.

Trevor Kidd Community Manager

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