New to Extended

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I only really play Standard, Drafts, and EDH since I got back into magic shortly after Zendikar came out. I stopped playing around Darksteel. My buddy wants me to build a deck so he has something to test against. He's got a Doran Rock deck with things like Knight of the Reliquary, Noble Heiarch, Malestrom Pulse, Putrid Leech it looks like a pretty standard Doran deck.

Is there a cheap deck that's viable in extended? I've got things like 4 Primeval Titans, 4 Baneslayer Angels, 3 Fauna Shamans, 4 Stoneforge Mystic but I lack all of the good stuff before Zendikar. Is there a cheap Junk deck that I can build from that shell? Is there another deeck I can put together that's cheap?