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Here is my take at a nice and useful Gamma World character sheet. It is greatly inspired by mickytk's really good custom character sheet ( I would have used that one, but I like having  my attacks bonuses written down and as mickytk says, it is fun building one's own CS.

This character sheet was made in inkscape ( The fonts used are Disintegration ( and 321impact (

Sheets are 210X250mm, they fit in the box!


Best used with GregDan's Origin Traits and Critical cards (, and AH_Anarchy's amazing power cards (  

You're all welcome to post any comments or modifications!
Here is a gooey version (

That one hurts my ey-eyes.

I like the sheet. I'm still looking for my ult, which would have all combat options and data available on one side.
Ohyeah, goo hurts my eyes.  But I love the "dull" one!  I'm especially fond of the inclusion of notes and killboard sections.
It's true, bright green goo is bad for the eyes. So the file has been updated to a darker green goo.

Delphmonk, is the kind of data you would like to see what we find on the pages 18-23 of the GW manual? I guess the second page could fit it by reducing other sections, but I'm not sure if we are allowed to display so much of the rules content freely.
Not exactly,

Since I plan to introduce players that have not played and 4e WotC games, I have been looking for a sheet that has the basic options and mods for all the kinds of actions that the individual has available, as well as all the info that they'd need to access when I ask for rolls and such.

You come the closest since you have all the rolls and contributing modifiers, excepting the armor class specifics. I might pull the mutations info in the center column and put the armor info in it's place. I would also think about moving the init info to the top of that column.
I'm quite interested in your modifications, consider posting them. Some of my players are also new to 4e, I try to make things as simple and clear to them as possible.

In the meanwhile, here is a printer-friendly version, all in outlines (

I forgot to point out that the sheet size is 210X250mm, so after two scissor cuts, the character sheet fits in the box.  
I just edited the first post to promote the new versions of my character sheet. A tip of the hat to all other sheet makers from whom I took inspiration.

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