Caamasi Noble and legal target question

A question came up in our last game regarding the Caamasi Noble and the Diplomat ability. Could eather of the Rebels (SCUM!) pictured at the top of the photo attack past the Caamasi Noble and attack the Mandalorian at the bottom of the photo?

Does the Caamasi Noble prevent the attack by the rebels against the Mandalorian or does the Caamasi Noble simply provide cover since he is not a legal target can the Rebels (SCUM!) attack past him to the Mandalorian?

"Diplomat If an attacker has line of sight to any enemies without Diplomat, this character is not a legal target and does not count as the nearest enemy, even if adjacent."

Caamasi Noble

Thanks for the halp and for helping to keep Star Wars Minis alive!!! Cool
Yes, you can shoot past the Caamasi, as Diplomat makes him not a legal target.
Jason, I'd still love to get together with your playgroup.  This would make a great christmas gift for me since I haven't played since Tony The Toyman came up here a year ago.  If you're interested so am I.  I'll message you my phone number so we can talk.

Sithborg: dude, I remember swccg, that was what pulled me into the gaming community.  But I must admit, I'm as much of a star wars fan as I am a gamer.  Pretty much stay close to the star wars games.  Were you at Gencon in 2009?  The year Deri won.
Yes, you can shoot past the Caamasi, as Diplomat makes him not a legal target.

The important bit for Diplomat in this case is actually the part about not counting as the nearest enemy. There are a number of cases where you don't count as a legal target, but still count as the nearest enemy, preventing choosing other targets in cover. So it's important to remember that not being a legal target alone isn't enough to let you "skip past" the particular enemy.


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