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Hey all. I know we’re all curious as to what’s going on with DDI tools and content updates, so I wanted to give you a look at the near future. On December 7th we’ll be updating the Compendium with some bug fixes along with content from Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms, Dark Sun Creature Compendium, Dragon 392 and Dungeon 183. 

The basic roadmap for what comes next focuses on three different things, and the dates for these things haven’t been set in stone so I don’t have that info yet. With that said, the tentative plan is that we’re trying to get all this done in December – though it’s likely specifics may change, or that we may run into some hitches that prevent us from getting it all done this month. Without further ado, here are the pieces we have planned: 

  • We’re going to launch a beta of the web tools version of Adventure Tools. This will be a web-based version of the Adventure Tools classic, but with new code, and material from the Dark Sun Creature Catalog and level 1-10 material from the Monster Vault. Adventure Tools classic will remain up and downloadable, but the new monsters will only go in the web version. 

  • Compendium is also going to get another update that includes some information from the Rules Compendium, and level 1-10 material from the Monster Vault. 

  • And that leaves us with the upcoming Character Builder update. We’re looking at implementing some bug fixes, increasing stability, adding some new features (including an export feature), and adding content from Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms, Dragon 392, and Dungeon 183. 

So there you have it. As I said earlier, it’s likely that some of this may change along the way. When that happens, I’ll drop in and let you know.

Trevor Kidd Community Manager

Updated the announcement with information on the Dark Sun Creature Compendium

Trevor Kidd Community Manager

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