12/02/2010 FtL: "Imprint Insanity"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's From the Lab, which goes live Thursday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Sir... You are silly. Very silly.
Cause it so hard to tap a land
Finally, Scars of Mirrodin itself has a lot of new fodder for the Helix to break in. Let's start with Flesh Allergy. Now, I've kept my eye on this card since I first read it. It's one of those cards that usually doesn't scratch the surface of its potential. Sure, it'll cause 2 life loss, tops [sic]. I wanted to bend Flesh Allergy until it caused a lot more than that.

My other sorcery therefore had to be one that could give my opponent a ton of creatures.

Not true!  Flesh Allergy doesn't care who controlled the creatures or which graveyard they went to.  Why not just give yourself a bunch of creatures and kill them off in response to Flesh Allergy?  Especially since, as mtgraptor noted, your opponent could just tap all his lands in response to avoid getting any creatures from Waiting in the Weeds anyway.

In the Clash Helix deck, how do you get Woodland Guidance into your graveyard so you can Imprint it on the Helix?
I can't help but think Proto Prison is a bit two-headed. One part of the deck wants lots of cards and spells played, the other wants lots of cards in hand.
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