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The 2nd version of the executioner was dropped from the compiled article, which means that like the various disappearing feats, for Encounters & LFR purposes ver2 doesn't exist, right? We go back to using the actual playtest from the earlier compiled, published article?
The article is still up at

I haven't had a chance to compare it to the playtest yet, so I don't know what the changes were. I would let each DM decide for themselves, but if players want to use Dungeon magazine material we make them print the article so there is no confusion. 
Well sure, the article containing the feats is still up, too, if you want to read back. However, their omission from the compiled article means that they're no longer official - you can use em if you want, but they won't be in the CB and they can't be taken in LFR.

Encounters is "special", though, with its own set of arcane secret rules, so I wanted to doublecheck. 
Considering that it is scheduled to be released December 17th I would wait until that Dragon is compiled to even mess with it.
Latest Version of the E-ssassin is up. My assassin player will have to update his character again, but the build looks pretty solid. I also liked the article from the designers about how and why they designed it the way they did. It makes me want to play one too now...
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