Some Big Robots for your game

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The Gamma World boxed set comes with 4 large robot tokens, but the only large robot which has monster stats is the Eradicator Mk 3 -- a level 10 solo controller. At 2,500 xp, it's not likely you're going to throw four of these at any group of players (that would be a same-level encounter for 20 tenth level characters).

So here you have three robots: one designed to construct (or tear down) buildings, a rather boring one that just moves freight around, and a probe bot of the type sent to explore alien planets but now wandering around Gamma Terra collecting data in its data banks.


Game stats for the construction bot

Game stats for the heavy lifter

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  • Niran Wishcrafter (fire genasi charlatan chaos sorcerer, level 2) a.k.a. "Madame Vessa" (human fortune teller); CN, Zhentarim
  • Claráin Coppervault (mountain dwarf guild artisan abjuration wizard, level 2) and Julius (cave octopus familiar); LG, Harpers