Hammer Hands should work with Bludgeon Expertise

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I would have let this one pass in any other book, but in the Essentials line it seems way out of place. The feat Bludgeon Expertise grants a bonus to pushes and slides made with a hammer or mace. So far, so good. The problem is, the most obvious combination in the book, i.e. Knight at-will stance Hammer Hands, doesn't really work with it.

A Knight with Hammer Hands pushes enemies around all right, but since the forced movement comes from the stance, rather than triggering directly from the basic attack, Bludgeon Expertise doesn't boost it. This is terribly unintuitive, and makes the push effect in the feat almost pointless for the builds in the book, since only 3 warpriest attacks are affected by it.

As I said above, this kind of quirks are common (and rarely a reason for errata) in most D&D supplements - but not in Essentials books. In Essentials, more often than not, things just work as one expects them to. So I'd very much like the pushing feat to help players with the pushing attack. I'm pretty sure many inexperienced players are using them that way, anyway.

So, the tricky part is... what should be changed for this to work? I believe replacing 'you can use a free action to push' with 'you can push'  the effect line of Hammer Hands would work, though I'm not 100% sure. I don't think taking away the free action breaks anything, otherwise.
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Simply say everytime you hit with a melee attack you push 1 square, or one more square if it was already pushing or something long these lines..... 
I don't understand what needs to be changed. The push triggers off of the melee basic attack. It's the only attack the knight makes. The stance just gives the melee basic attack the ability to do it. If there were no melee basic attack there would be no push. The stances all work off of MBA. If the fighter took cleave as his human bonus attack the stance would not apply.
It's because of the way it's worded. When you hit, the stance lets you use a free action to push the target, which is not exactly the same as pushing with the attack - so it doesn't get the expertise bonus.
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Agreed, it should be no action - something like "adds 'Hit: push 1 square' to MBAs while in the stance".
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Did this ever get errataed?  Or is the feat not compatible with HoFL essentials (except for the warpriest)? :p
Not as yet, no.  Hammer Hands stance is still pretty much useless.
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