Where have all the gamers gone? Finding A Gaming Group.

I was wondering if anyone had any informantion about finding a gaming group in southern Mississippi.  I have lived down here fro 3 years and still have not found any sign on gaming.  I can't even find a game shop.  It is frustrating and sad to see the gaming that I love so much so hard to find.  I fear more and more that our hobby is on the verge of dying out completely.  I would be interested in standard RPGs, or even LARPs.  I however can't bring myself to play D&D 4th Ed, as in my opinion it is the final nail in the coffin to the D&D game itself.  As i said in the statement above that is MY OPINION, if you do not agree that is fine.  4th edition is to painful to play because I was able to play D&D during its best (AD&D).  That being said, I miss the joy of playing a game with like minded people and goofing off around a table.  Where have all the gamers gone?

Any information about gaming on the mississippi gulf coast would be helpful.

BTW: starting my own group would be nice but is not an option.  In three years down here I haven't found anyone that has ever played a non-video game RPG.  I can't even find people who like to watch fantasy/sci-fi movies.  It is really bad down here.
I have placed this in my signature so that I don't have to repeat myself over and over again. I don't have any friends that play magic. I have to travel a long way to go to a store to play, which is the only time I get to play. The store is a Standard tournament game, so I don't get to play with casual decks. I don't like magic online as I don't have internet at my house, and have little time to play at work. I also don't like the idea of spending money on nothing as the cards are nothing but data. It is like renting information. When I have built a deck, the best I can do is to solitaire the deck, which does not give an accurate account of the deck only a general idea.
I know how you feel  man. I live in starkville, and the only thing people are interested in is football.
I lived in Biloxi from 2005-2007. I actually started playing with a group who had played together for a long time there.  One of the members drove from Mobile.  I moved away to Birmingham, and now live in Meridian.  I will see if I can find their info.  

I had to Google search like crazy to find them if I remember correctly. I am now trying to find a group here in Meridian.

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