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My wife and I are thinking about heading to her hometown on Tuesday instead of Wednesday, which would mean I get a chance to stop in at my first DDE session. (Neither FLGS around here runs Encounters, for reasons I won't get into right now.)

My five-year-old is really champing at the bit to learn how to play, and I'm giving some loose thought to letting him tag along to watch if I get to go. So, here's what I'd like to know about this week's chapter:

Is the upcoming encounter a combat encounter, or a talk-y encounter (skill challenge/roleplaying encounter)?   Anything else I can get told without spoilers that might help me decide whether it might be OK to bring him?
Without spoilers I can tell you what anyone who played last week already knows.  The adventurers are currently in a dungeon crawl.  That will continue to be the focus of 11/24 as they continue into a new area.  So roleplaying focus is unlikely - obstacles, gaurdians, and traps is the expectation clearly established last week.

As the father of three boys, 8, 6, and 4, I personally would not bring a 5 yr old to DDE.  My 8 and 6 yr old do play D&D with me, but I would not have them come play with adults they do not know yet since they are not ready to play by all the rules. I don't think all the other players would appreciate that.

But you know your own child.  If you think he would sit quietly with some dungeon tiles and minis or something and that would work, great.  That's actually what I do with my 4 yr old when we play D&D and he has a blast.  BUT I would not foist that on strangers, unless I knew everyone was cool with it.
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