Please add Skill Power to the "Class" search filter

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Kind of strange that isn't listed on there...

When you are looking for a power, you can select the class the power belongs to (Monk, Fighter, Battlemind, whatever).  However, some powers are not class specific, like Perfect Balance.  This is listed in the "Class" category as a Skill Power.  Makes sense.  But there is no Skill Power selection to use to filter them.

Can this be added?
Ah, while this is a good suggestion, I think you've posted in the wrong forum. This forum is actually intended for the physical paperback book called "Rules Compendium". For problems with the online Compendium web tool, you can click in the lower-right hand corner of the Compendium's web page where it says "feedback". Or you might try posting in one of the D&Di forums, such as the Technical Discussions forum. Using one of these methods, your suggestion will be more likely to reach its target audience.

Cheers. (And again, good suggestion.)
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