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Maybe I am doing something wrong, but the CB is not allowing me to equip (certain) weapons for my character.  I can equip armor just fine.  If I choose "Add Gear For Me" the CB will allow me to equip any weapons it selected for me.  But when I try to purchase a weapon myself, anything from a mundane Longspear to a Magic +3 Gouge, it won't let me equip it.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this function not working?
I was able to buy a weapon and equipt it just moments ago. Perhaps it is a bug with the class or char you are making.
you're not playing a small race are you?
Yes, I am playing a small race.  I didn't think there were size requirements anymore for weapons.  Is there a smaller version of the Gouge I can get for my Kobold so that he can wield it?  Even if it does less damage?
There are size restrictions on weapons small characters can't use any two-handed weapons, and they can only use versatile weapons two-handed (in fact with the current builder they are the only people that can use versatile weapons two-handed), one-handed weapons they can use as normal.

The rule is on the page about Halflings in the PHB. On the plus side you've found a feature of the new character builder that actually works!
Just a thought - don't you think it would be a good idea that when an action is restricted by the rules, that it might be a good idea to give the user a message as to why an action was denied? So they don't just sit there clicking wondering why the action is not going through?

(Don't we all love paying for the privilege to beta test software?)
That and maybe having a houserule button that will allow you to equip it anyway!
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