Any Playable Monoblack Decks?

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Just like it says on the tin... I love black and play several mono standard decks. I'm just wondering if there are any decent (less than Tier 1 probably) monoblack decks in the format right now. Suggestions? 
There isn't any mono- deck (whether MBA/MBC/whatever) that's really outstanding at this moment, but that shouldn't stop you from tinkering around for something like that. The format's still young, and there are always more casual metas where anything can fly (like Tribal Trolls).

IIRC, Niche (a poster on these forums who likes it black) probably has some mono- deck thread in the Extended Deck Help forum, so stroll on over there for discussion.
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The Alara-Zendikar rotation vamps deck is a pretty solid core, and you can use some nifty utility cards like thoughtsieze and mutavault to boost the deck even further. Mutavault + captivating vampire is pretty silly, actually.