11/18/2010 TD: "Focus on White-Blue Control"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Top Decks Article, which goes live Thursday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Burn and burn, what is burn?
While I don't agree with a lack of Preordain I absolutely agree that Wall of Omens is, and always was, awesome.  (I don't think White ever needed it though.)

I've had to go over it several times and seen it do exactly what I want it to do every time.

I even had a Red player point out that he took "care" of my Wall of Omens every time.

My response?

I payed two mana, spent a card, drew a card, blocked 2 damage and had you spend a mana and a card to not shoot me in the face.  Pretty sure I win there.

Good article and I especially like the video coverage.

Not sure it fits in with burn week but not bothered either.

Like I said last week, I like the proliferate twist to u/w control, however, I certainly see where kyle is coming from.  In a very aggressive meta, you don't really have time for cute stuff like clasp + ascension.  I'm sure the combo is devastating against other control and against mid range, but against RDW, you really don't have time to pay 4 for 3 turns in a row to start pumping out angels unless you already managed to stop them, in which case, BSA would seal the deal much faster.

I can't say I tried either version, but it does appear to me that the proliferate version is geared towards beating other u/x control decks and other slower decks with its slow but potentially broken late game and its pair of frost titans.  On the other hand, Kyle's version obviously has a better game against aggressive decks with early defense in its walls and spell pierce, and baneslayer was always the bane of aggro decks.  That said, sun titan + small jace was always pretty painful for other blue decks, but frost titan can typically deal with that (if not a well placed counterspell). 

Love seeing such different takes on what first appears to be the same deck.
I feel WU control is still my favorite deck at current. I will say that it takes a heck of a pilot to really make it work and as the article mentioned, I hate facing the green ramp decks. Against red it can be iffy as well. I don't like early Goblin Guides. Sure Wall of Omens helps, but if you are playing Wall of Omens you are sometimes leaving them open to play Koth. If Koth resolves you've pretty much lost unless you can Roil him off the board. Here, I like Kyle's Spell Pierces.

Day of Judgment has become underrated. I know 4 mana is slow in this environment, but soo many decks just fold to it and I think players are going for more aggressive strategies. Many of the RUG and UBG builds with Jace TMS are ignoring the 3 drop with Jace B. With Cobra out on turn 3 they are usually open for a 5 drop off of a fetch, which they are not playing any. Its usually an extra turn before you see Frosty. With Jace B out it sort of messes up the turn 3 for them and you are in a good place. Plus Frost doesn't have to be dealt with in spot removal with Day of Judgment if they decide to get greedy. I think the Tar Pits from UBG creates pressure though.

<a href="http://www.wizards.com/Magic/PlaneswalkerPoints/1206663433"><img src="http://pwp.wizards.com/1206663433/Scorecards/Landscape.png" border="0" /></a>

Does anyone think it's possible to build a competitive U/W control deck without shelling out a fortune for 3-4 Jace TMS's? I have all the components I need to make several variations of this deck, including Titans, Baneslayers, Elspeth, Gideon, Jace B, Ratchet Bombs, etc. I just cannot afford Jace 2.0. Can I be competitive without him or is he absolutely necessary in ANY competitive standard deck with blue?

I love the U/W control strategy. I've always been a control/combo player over aggro. I used to play Jund before Alara went out. What I liked about Jund was that it was aggro/control. And I didn't have to shell out a fortune to get the cards I needed to make it work.

My U/W control build was using Clasps to proliferate the Planeswalkers and Chalices. I also through Thrumming Bird into the mix, which was mildly successful. Most decks couldn't block these early so I'd build up counters easily on Jace B. and Elspeth. I also played Sun Titan and Frost Titan. I think my latest build eliminated the Clasps, but I might put them back in. I do like how Sun Titan works well with Jace B., Tectonic Edges, and Ratchet Bomb.

Sure, I could play Vampires, Kuldotha Red (which oddly enough doesn't use Koth), or White Weenie/Argentum Armor. But these aggro decks aren't usually my style. Of course I like the combo element of the Argentum Armor deck but it seems inconsistent.

And what happened to the Titan/Valakut decks that were dominating? Too much sideboard hate for them so people stopped playing them?

I also REALLY like Sarkhan the Mad and I used him successfully in my old Jund build. I'd like to find a way to use him effectively in the new Standard environment. I've tried a few different ideas using proliferate and good sacrificial creatures like Reassembling Skeleton, Bloodghast, and Precursor Golem.

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