What is a "level 4 magic weapon"?

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Are there rules someplace of which I am not aware that defines what a "level 4 magic weapon", "level 5 suit of magic armor", "level 3 magic neck item", and "level 2 magic implement" are?

I don't understand what is being handed out.

I'm sure this is answered someplace in these boards already, but couldn't find it after 15 minutes of browsing and trying to search. 
Basically your DM can choose an item of the appropriate level, or if he's nice once you decide who gets the item he will let you look thru the books or on the character builder and choose your own item.  If you need a better explanation just say so and I'll try to dig up some examples via screen shot for you.


Basically all magic items are given a level to represent how powerful they are and how much they should cost to buy/how much they can be sold for. The writers of these encounters seasons could try to guess what specific items would be useful for the players accross the country, but given the different ways you can build/play your character there would likely be a lot of people complaining about how useless ______ was that they got last week. For the first 2/3 of season 2 most tables had some combination of the same 6 specific pregen characters(build your owns werent official until later) and there were still people who got upset if a piece of loot for the sorcerer was found and no one at their table was playing him. So leaving it generic is just easier.

But for a couple quick examples(all from the adventurers vault)... A level 4 magic weapon could be an Acidic Dagger +1, an Opportunistic Longsword +1, a Medics Mace +1, or a Rending Greataxe +1. That level 5 suit of armor could be Shared Suffering Leather Armor +1, Chain Armor of Sacrifice +1, or even Agile Plate Armor +1. That level 3 neck item could be a Brooch of Shielding +1, a Cloak of the Chirurgeon +1, or a Safewing Amulet +1(this one was reprinted in the first essentials book, HotFL). The level 2 implement could be an Orb of Debilitating Languor +1, a Defensive Staff +1, or... well, i dont see any wands to pick, im not sure if the warpriest actually uses an holy symbol based powers, and im not familiar enough with which implements get actual use by the new builds from HotFK to pull something theoretically useful from memmory. If the AV isnt an option for your table, vanilla +1 ______'s work ok and as a bonus arent as complicated, but sometimes arent as much fun.

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