Rescheduling Encounters Because of Holidays?

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I'm wondering how everyone is handling scheduling Encounters to work around the upcoming holidays. Next week's session is the day before Thanksgiving. Also, there is a session scheduled for December 22 (three days before Christmas) and one scheduled for December 29. I'm sure many people will be traveling, or busy with preparations and family commitments.

Is there a possibility of doubling up on some sessions? Maybe WOTC can extend the season beyond Feb. 2nd?
- Rico
My group typically doubles up on sessions, doesn't seem to work to bad.  Our only constraint is my wife's work schedule and then the store hours where we play.

Our DM already looked over the next two encounters and decided doubling up encounters isn't going to be an option for our group.

Currently, we aren't sure if our store will have anyone there when we normally play on Wednesday. I nearly had a stroke of genius, thinking we could get a meeting room at the library down the street, but they close early for the holiday.
this came up last night for us, as well. we are leaning toward skipping next week and doubling the following week.
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We decided to skip next week, and because doubling up the following week won't work for at least one of the guys, we're going to play session 10 the week after Thanksgiving (week 11) then double up the following week.
- Rico
Due to the nature of the current chapter.  My decision as DM was to hold the session on 11/24 and not double up anywhere.  I think it will work fine even though we may have a small group.  I know some of the players do plan to come, and I'm happy to run the game since I am NOT travelling Wednesday eve just for them.
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