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My players this season are experienced and had been doing Encounters for the past 2 seasons and this time wanted to change things up a bit so they decided to role play an evil party, hired hands of the Six Blades that were the previous owners of Restwell Keep. I thought it a fairly clever idea but now I am wondering how to handle the events in Chapter 3.

Basically, would it be possible for the players to choose to ally with Benwick against Lord Drysdale and make a play for a combined evil force to rule the Keep? I am unsure my players may choose this route, they might just want to cut out all the competition, or use their pursuit of Benwick to dig themselves deeper into the Keep heirarchy before eliminating them. But I feel that they might choose not to pursue Benwick.

My initial plan right now is to have Benwick use the Eye to send the players feeler messages throughout the Chapter, slowly building up through roleplay to the point where he asks them if they want to help him remove Lord Drysdale outright. The final encounter would be changed to actual soldiers of Drysdale but then the problem becomes how to alter Chapter 4 and 5 when I have no clue what is in it.

We know that rescuing Ronnik might be in the works, so that could be altered to Kill Ronnik to prevent him from going free to aid Lord Drysdale. I have less idea how to handle the two Dragons, perhaps by making them metallic ones? I welcome any suggestions on how to handle such a twist in the plotline, or admonitions to give up a foolish idea.
This is a hard one - probably why you hadn't received any responses.  Every player group eventually wants to try their hand at playing an evil party and probably 90% of the time this becomes a short-lived experiment but can be fun for awhile.

But doing this with DDE?  Basically you are no longer playing DDE - you have simply taken the game material and morphed it into your own campaign which I have no problem with.

The problem I DO have is that DDE is a promotional program intended to support new players.  By taking the game in that direction you have basically denied the experience for a new player to walk in and sit down and play.  "Sure come play D&D with us.  BTW we are the bad guys."  It just doesn't work well.

I hope you have a second table running at least for those who may come in and want to learn the game and play.  If you are at a store listed as one that has DDE every Wednesday and would pop up on the store finder you really are obligated to play something close to the intended program - creative "tweaks" encouraged of course. 

So, have fun with it of course, but just reminding you the intended purpose of that free adventure material you have in your hand...
Couldnt agree with Shaadow more, its why I had not responded. Have fun with it but you wont be getting much help here Im guessing.
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