11/16/2010 SF: "Third Eye Blind"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Serious Fun, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Okay, Adam.  I can handle the blatant product shilling - that's what they pay you for.
However, "This Is a Burn Deck" is just plain terrible for no reason.   What the hell, man?

Could we go back to articles that matter? I feel like this was thrown together 30 minutes before the deadline.

Face it, you're pretty much here as a meat shield.


If you are at Georgian Court Univeristy or Monmouth Univeristy PM me. If you are out by York College of PA, I can help you reach the group there.

I don't think "This is a Burn Deck" is suppose to be the best deck ever, but it definitely looks like a fine singleton casual multiplayer deck. Backfire in a multiplayer setting is a lot better than 1 on 1 because now your opponent has incentive to attack other players and not you... well isn't that nice of them to help you out.

I also like your EDH deck, I've got a similar one to it with at least 75% overlap, I've got some eldrazi spawn making guys though with Vicious Shadows... definitely try out Vicious Shadows it can easily steal some games and with some spawn tokens you can really machine gun down some players.
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