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What is the best infinite combo kill with Pyromancer Ascension? Is it still Time Warp + Call to Mind?
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The best kill is through burn in the form of Lightning Bolt and Burst Lightning/Maindeck Volcanic Fallouts. The best way to accumulate the mana to draw and play all the burn spells is 2-3 Time Warps and 4 Manamorphose. That is all you need. Call to Mind is slow and clunky, and unneccessary. Why? The aforementioned Manamorphose, plus, Cryptic Command gives you extra Time Warps so to speak. Sideboarded or maindecked Splinter Twin + Pestermite is still a decent combo, but I've found it to be volatile and worse than just supplementing your Ascensions with another game-winning package. Some people use Countryside Crusher, some use Swans of Bryn Argoll, while others side in planeswalkers. I'm still crafting the best list, and I feel pretty close.
I think that you have to go with the burn. I have seen some lists splashing for cruel ulltimatum, and thats there only kill! seems pritty ballzz to be playing with 1 out. i still dont feel safe with just bolt and burst for my win. I feel like it needs that extra threat, maybe wurmcoil or koth IDK.
You really need to be trying Pyromancer Ascension with [C]Manamorphose[/C]
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