Jabba Breakout! Single Player Scenario

Not sure if everyone here has seen this, it is a single player scenario I created for myself:

Custom Scenario: Single Player

Jabba's Breakout


Jabba the Hut has been captured by Darth Vader and his stormtrooper battalion, and they have stopped off at the now friendly Bespin Cloud City. Whilst locked in a holding room Jabba has managed to send a signal to his trusted bounty hunter Boba Fett. Boba Fett arrives at Bespin unnoticed and tracks Jabba to the office he has been locked in, they now need to escape from the imperial held planet, so that Jabba's reign may continue. 

As Boba Fett you must guide Jabba off the planet.

Map: Bespin Cloud City



Jabba Hutt 50
Boba Fett, Merc Commander 57
R7 Astromech 8


4 x Stormtrooper Officer 56
13 x Stormtrooper 65
1 x Darth Vader, IC


Boba Fett, Jabba and the Astromech Droid start in the security office in the bottom left corner.

Darth Vader starts in the Machine Store, top left, one square away from the door.

Four Stormtroopers are placed at squares U14, V14, W14, X14 on the map (as per Vassal, the columns are lettered left to right A-Z, AA-HH).

The remaining troops are placed randomly as follows:

Roll a 20 die twice per character. First number is the number of columns from the right hand edge of the map, the second number is the number of rows from the top edge of the map. Place the figure in the square. If this square is already occupied, or the square is illegal, then place the figure in nearest available square.

All doors start closed on the map.


Die roll 12, die roll 10 places the character on the Landing platform on the crates. 

Die roll 3, die roll 7 places the character on the walkway at EE7 one to the left as the original square would be illegal.

Playing the game:

Standard rules for open doors, opening of doors, LOS, etc apply.


If the imperials win initiative they always activate first.

If the player wins initiative they may choose as normal.


Only four of the imperials may move initially, this is the patrol squad at U14-X14. These must be the last figures to activate in the round. They follow a path way through the door to the main gallery, up the steps into the Freezing chamber, back down through the office suite onto the landing platform (repeating). If they get LOS to Boba, Jabba or R7 they will react as per other imperials. They move 12 squares at a time as per normal movement. If a character has LOS to the escapees they immediately stop, if they have moved less than 6 then they can attack. The patrol squad must move so that they always stay together, i.e. they form a single line. They must also only follow this path, so if a door is locked they will wait until the door is opened.

Darth Vader, IC cannot move until 6 imperials have had LOS to the escapees on their turn, or unless he gains LOS to the escapees. Darth Vader will then move directly to attack Boba Fett, taking the most direct route possible to intercept. Vader always activates first once released.

If an imperial activates and has LOS to any of the escapees they will move to the nearest available cover, if no cover is available within 12 squares, the imperial character will stand still.

The characters activate from right to left on the map, with the patrol always activating last and vader always activating first.

If an imperial character is attacked, then any imperial which has LOS to the attacked piece, but no LOS to the attacker moves 6 squares towards the attacker once the attackers turn has completed. This does not count as this piece activation, if it has already activated it waits until its next turn to move again. If it has not activated it can act as normal (moving another 6 and attacking, etc) on its turn.


1)Boba Fett shoots at Stormtrooper Officer in cover, rolls 7 and misses. A stormtrooper has LOS to the officer through a door, but not to Boba Fett who has used GMA to move out of sight, and rushes to assist by running 6 squares towards Boba Fett. 

2) A stormtrooper is positioned next to a door, which is open from the last round. Boba Fett shoots at the stormtrooper, and hits killing the stormtrooper. This closes the door and so any LOS through that doorway is now blocked and any imperials cannot move if they could only see when the door was open.

3) A stormtrooper is fired at by Boba Fett who hits and defeats, a stormtrooper officer in the same room has LOS to the defeated trooper but also has LOS to Boba Fett. The officer does not move.


Imperials will always attack if they have LOS to the escapees. If an imperial has a choice of targets, it will always attack Jabba (in an attempt to disable him).

If an imperial character has moved less than six squares on its turn then it can attack as per normal rules.

Darth Vader, IC will attack Boba Fett only, if Boba Fett is defeated, he will then attack Jabba. Darth Vader may only use Force points for Lightsaber deflect or attack rerolls. Darth Vader IC will always use the force points for the first five opportunities he can.

Victory Conditions:

Fringe: Jabba the Hutt finishes his turn in the nose of the Shuttle (BB11).

Imperials: Defeat Jabba the Hutt.

Played this the other night and came close to losing to myself! Darth Vader did Boba a severe amount of hurt, up until this point Boba had avoided much in the way of loss.

However the stormies in cover are getting 24 defense, meaning they are not that easy to hit. The patrol is actually a genuine pain in the arse, you don't want them to see you to early as this releases vader! 
Looks very fun...nice and simple.  You may want to experiment with other Bobas and Vaders, for the sake of trial
AMS-51 "Dendrite" Connection lost...searching...
Played it with Boba BH, but found his flamethrower to easy, Merc benefits from Intuition, and more difficult because of a lack of any missiles, etc.

With Vader I was after one with deflect to stop some of bobas attacks, but willing to take advice.

Can be quite tough, especially if Vader gets  out too early! 
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