City of Bane Gamma World Campaign Background

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The year is AD2162, 150 years since 'The Big Mistake' transformed our world in an instant. The infinite strands of the Multiverse at once merged and tore asunder. The Earth cracked and oceans boiled, with parts of the old world stripped away, replaced by radioactive wastes and strange alien vistas. Those Ancients who survived found they now shared their world with all manner of monstrous and bizarre creatures.
On the eastern coast of the southern land known to the Ancients as 'Down-Unda', the ocean rose and The Great Wave crashed over cities, towns and farms. The buildings, vehicles and people were first crushed then sucked out to the bottom of the sea. So great was the destruction and loss of life, that even the legendary southern metropolis of 'Sidenee' was all but obliterated.

Only one of eastern capitals of Ancient 'Down-Unda' was spared complete destruction. The 'City of Bane' was the seat of power of the 'State of Sun-Shin'. Bane was saved by the Barrier Islands of 'Morton' and 'Straddie' which took the full force of The Great Wave. Though the damage was widespread and countless numbers of people still perished, parts of the city escaped the devastation giving refuge to the dazed and confused survivors.

In the century that followed the human descendants of the Ancients faced a constant struggle for survival with mutated humans, animals and other strange creatures. The sea had reclaimed much of the low-lying farming lands around the City of Bane. To the north and south 'The Great Wave' devastated those parts of the coast not protected by the Barrier Islands. To the southwest the old settlement of 'Swich' was burned away by a rain of fire brought down by the 'Son-of-Man', which left nothing but a poisonous wasteland.

Yet despite the constant threats of starvation, disease and violent death, the citizens of Bane did indeed survive the holocaust. 50 years ago a Restorationalist group known as 'The Restored Assembly of the State of Sun-Shin' established themselves in the City of Bane. Using Ancient tech unearthed across the city and beyond, the Restored Assembly asserted their control over many settlements in and around the city. They collected taxes in the form of valuables, food and tech, and in return offered protection against bands of marauders encountered all too often. 

Not all those that live in the shadow of Bane have submitted willingly to the Restored Assembly. Communities of Seekers opposed the Restorationist cause openly resist the Restored Assembly, often resulting in bloodshed. In recent years the Leader of the Restored Assembly, a female pure strain human called Premier Anabli, has been extracting increasingly heavy taxes from the citizens of Bane. She claims these taxes are needed to fund the search for more Ancient Tech to finally defeat the Seeker menace and bring prosperity to all those who acknowledge the power of the Restored Assembly of the State of Sun-Shin.