11/11/2010 Judge Article: "Deviate Like Hell"

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This thread is for discussion of the Judge Article Deviate Like Hell.

How was this article published with no links to the documents that are talked about in such depth? There should be multiple in-line links, and separate ones at the end
Generally speaking, the documents change over time such that links are hard to keep up to date. Also, judge articles aren't part of the regular content for the site - they are from judges, and only come in from time to time.

However, if you are interested in links in particular, here you go:

FCE - Guide to Fixing Common Errors - most recently created document, primarily written by L3 Judge James Mackay of Australia

MTR - Magic Tournament Rules - core rules document that is used to explain how players are supposed to conduct themselves during a tournament, and how a sanctioned tournament is supposed to be run

IPG - Infraction Penalty Guide - since the FCE came into existence, this document is primarily intended for Competitive and Professional rules enforcement level tournaments - where certified judges are present. The penalties for infractions are very harsh, especially when compared to how people expect to play at their FLGS FNM.

You can always find all these documents and more, in their most recent updates, at the DCI Document Centre.

If you want to discuss these things in more depth, try joining the irc channel #mtgjudge on efnet.


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