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Does anyone who has the Season 3 packet handy know exactly how much gold a character who has played every session should have at the end of the 2nd chapter?

Also, our DM told us we're allowed to buy any items we can afford before the start of the 3rd chapter. Does anyone know which resources are allowed to buy from, and what is allowed in terms of rarity?
155 gp each if they got Ronnik's reward at the end chapter 2 or 120 gp each if they went the Chendara route.
As said they should have 120~150 gp by the end of chapter 2.  Once back in town, they can go see Bergen, the town smithy, who can make any item of a mundane or magical nature up to level 10 (see Dungeon Magazine 176) for the appropriate amount of coin.

As for what resources you can pull from, the season is generally "Essentials only" so you can use any of those products; redbox, HotFL/FK, Rules Compendium, DM Kit, etc etc.  Looking things up in the DDI compendium or CB works too, but make sure you check the source of an item to be sure it's legal.
while it has been stated ad nauseam that character creation is essentials-only, it has NOT been stated anywhere that items are only to be taken from essentials sources.
There's only been one discrepancy where the item provided haven't been in the Essentials books (Chapter 1, Encounter 3 and its Level 2 Magic Implement); everything else has had several options available given the non-specific nature of the items, so I've generally stuck to the Essentials line when looking up a new item.

But you're correct, I don't believe it specifically mentions anywhere that you can ONLY take items from Essentials.
No character should have enough gold to purchase anything other than mundane or consumable equipment (potions, reagents, etc.) anyway so does it really matter? I give out the gold amounts just so the player feel like they are getting a "reward" even though it is, essentially (no pun intended), worthless.

My group does not even track XP since the characters auto-level, cannot be imported into LFR and will, most likely, be discarded after the season is over.
DML, I think this topic is much more pertinent to the magic equipment found. As you've mentioned, the stuff you can afford to buy will be pretty basic.

I, however, don't think there's a good enough selection of magic implements, armor, & weapons in HotFL & HotFK to just stick with those items only for found treasure.
Considering the design goal of Encounters, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised by a move to limit the granularity of treasure involved.  The options in Essentials material are still pretty good overall, only the Implement is severely limited in that regard.
My regular group has gotten only items that were printed in Essentials material, and I don't feel like there's been any lack of interesting toys so far. I remember there being some discussion of not having a magic implement that was exactly level 2, but our DM decided that it could just as easily be L1 or L3 with no appreciable difference in overall power level for the reward, so we got an Earthroot Staff out of the deal.

Being a player - and thus, not allowed to read the exact wording on things in the DM materials - I can't say for sure, but other than that magic implement, I don't think we've gotten anything esle that wasn't set at the level that the adventure suggests. We haven't yet been told what we got out of session 11's treasure trove yet, but seeing as how that will put our group up to a total of 6 items, I seriously doubt that we're going to feel like we have a limited variety.