Maps/Tiles/Etc - What Do You Use for GW Encounters?

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I've got the core Essentials releases maps (red box, DM kit & Monster Vault) and those will be GW maps at some point.  Also have the map from the starter and from Freesboro.

 I have looked at the boxes for the tiles sets and also at a Paizo product that has swamps, ruins, etc. but is made for writing on with dry erase markers.  Haven't picked any of those up since I haven't seen them out of the pkg.

What are you using and what do you recommend/think folks should avoid?
The Star Wars tile set has some useful tiles. Mapcrafter has some far future maps. There are a number of companies that make 3D and 2D terrain and tiles for sci-fi, city, and apocalyptic settings. Worldworks is probably the best, but expensive and time-consuming. I have purchased a few sets in the past via RPGNow that you can print. A set from RPGNow that provides objects that are hard to draw, such as security cameras, cars, furniture, etc. can be useful to drop onto the battlemap. I actually prefer that to the 3D-terrain and your ink costs are low.

My general technique and recommendation is to worry about the terrain/tiles representation last. First and foremost should be the prep time for the adventure. That is the most important part and nothing should take away from that time. Given extra time, then start with a vinyl battlemap and build from there. Having a couple of packs of 1" wooden blocks from a craft store allows all kinds of terrain uses (make a pyramid, elevate tiles, show walls, etc.). Add in tiles and 3D terrain as you see fit.

Over time you can assemble a number of cool props. Having model cars can be huge (and expensive). Having features (via paper 3D terrain or Hirst molds) can be an awesome later step.

If you start small you will learn the things you need and not over-consume. It is easy to buy several large 3D paper sets and get little out of them.

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For some 2D tiles, Skeleton Key Games has started creating post-apocalyptic print-n-play tile sets. Omega-Tiles 01: Ravaged Roads is their first set in that line. You may find some other useful stuff in their eAdventure or eFuture tile sets.

Another 2D tile producer I've been looking at is Savage Mojo. They look like they have some nice sets that could be used pretty nicely in a Gamma World setting too.

As for 3D terrain, I'm more of a Fat Dragon Games person than WorldWorks, Fat Dragon's sets are cheaper to buy, less ink intensive to print, easier to put together, and look pretty good. They also have some nice 2D and 2.5D tile sets.
Having model cars can be huge (and expensive).

fwiw: Dollar stores often sell packs containing several Matchbox sized cars. Although the scale is a bit small, they work well enough, especially as terrain. Sometimes the Dollar stores sell things like suitably scaled plastic semi-trucks too.

I just use a chessex battlemat.  



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I picked up the Star Wars set of tiles. They work pretty well.

If you're looking for a starship or maybe some sort of "futuristic dungeon crawl" you might look for the Games Workshop Space Hulk game. Full of some nifty link-together scifil hallways and rooms.

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Since I've found that the freakshow horrorclix tend to fit gamma world very well (with some gore, but that's fine...) I've been using heroclix, horrorclix, and mage knight maps. Since I'm going to be using star wars clone and storm troopers as knights of genetic purity, I was able to pick up a bunch of star wars maps with starter sets and boosters that I've found in various discount houses.

The fun thing I'm going to try in the next few weeks is heroscape terrain. Yeah, they're hexes, but they should do very nicely for some simple 3d terrain in wilderness, radiation zones (lava), etc. And since I have a butt-crap-ton-load of horrorclix and heroscape minis, this should work out well.

Actually, the horror/heroclix stuff gave me ideas for adventures as well as heroscape giving me awesome mutant bloodhounds to track down the PCs.

But as stated above, I also have the essentials maps from the redbox, dm's kit, & monster vault. In addition I have maps from the 3rd season of encounters, gamma world game day, and the gamma world box set.

So I have plenty of options. Next step is to convert some of the RIFTS/Robotech/Chaos Earth maps into playmats for my group.
Just found this on a google search for "science fiction tilesets":

Sets, props, tiles, and even figures. They're currently selling a DVD of their 2003-2010 releases for $50.
ideas for adventures as well as heroscape

I'm going to work up a whole "Swarm of the Marro" for a GW campaign.
AlexandraErin: If last season was any indication, I think Encounters is pretty much the elemental opposite of "organized" play!
The Marro are actually enforcers for the Splugorth in my campaign. I also have these awesome alien (as in Alien vs Predator stuff) dog-looking things. Currently the PCs are fighting in an Splugorth (Neogi) run arena. After they reach 3rd level or so and used to combat, they'll find a way to escape from the detention area.

That's where the horrorclix and heroclix maps are helping. Arena, detention block, damaged areas like parking lots and junk.

The star wars maps will help when they get to certain parts of Washington where the Grey's had an embassy.

The heroscape stuff is going to be used for natural features and ruined buildings. I need to pick up the Marvel and D&D versions of heroscape so that I can get 1) more terrain, 2) more walls/buildings.

Heroscape also comes with a butt-ton-load of strange characters and most importantly: robots.
Best packs of Scape that are still readily availiable are
Wave 1: Snipers and Vipers
Wave 10: Warriors and Soulborgs
Wave 10: Warriors of Feldspar
Wave D2: Veterans of the last war

Snipers and Vipers has humanoid robots that make GREAT security bots. The vipers are giant snakemen.

Warriors and Soulborgs has some wild elf warriors (Gren!) and, best of all... giant enemy crab robot RATS.

Warriors of Feldspar has rockmen and sasquatches (yetis!)

Veterans of the last war has warforged (awesome robots/androids) and a freaking MIND FLAYER

These sets are all still readily available, $10-15 each (6 figs to a set).

Now if you want Horrorclix...
Original Horrorclix. 12 boosters, $14
The Lab expansion, only $11 a brick

They also have cases (48 packs) of both for less than a buck a booster.

Freakshow and Nightmares are cheap here:

AlexandraErin: If last season was any indication, I think Encounters is pretty much the elemental opposite of "organized" play!
Wizards has their print/fold archive alli: It's all medieval themed, however.

You could also jump to and  just scroll through all the free items. A hardy selection of terrain and battlemaps, though the differences in quality can be severe.

I made a bunch of little foam circles to keep track of bloodied / dazed / unconscious creatures.  The PC tokens can be flipped over, but the monster ones can't - and, these will work with minis too.
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