twitter buffs Session 8

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Your enemies fight in the name of Tiamat with zealous intent, striking hard & ignoring mortal danger. Enemies gain +1 to Hit, -2 AC.

Benwick offers aid against toxins-Characters ending their turn adjacent to Benwick pass all saves against ongoing poison damage.

The dolmens glow with radiant energy. Once this encounter characters ending their turn on top of one of them regains 5 HP.

Crows circling overhead distract your enemies. Heroes deal +2 extra damage on successful attacks.

An army of small frogs splashes out of the ponds and hops into the woods. All creatures suffer -1 to AC and Reflexes.

The bright sunlight warms your faces and bolsters your heroic spirit. Each character may choose to gain +1 on Defenses or +1 to hit.


Apologies for this being so late, stuck on a conference and got a brief moment to do this.