Soul Besh Concealment

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Both types of soul beshes in the rulebook have a chameleon trait that grants them concealment against any enemies that are not adjacent. Is that partial or total concealment?

I read it also and was wonder what they meant.  I was thinking partial concealment would make sense. To me I read it as color change and not invisibility. I also compared the Gaurdskeeter to the Sleeth and the Bloodsucker to the Gren Headhunter and partial concealment made sense to me based on the stats.
Amusingly, salvaged Inviso Armor grants the exact same power, complete with lack of what type of concealment is involved. Partial makes the most sense to me, maybe pushing to Total automatically if it would have been Partial already (a Chameleon in fog would be *really* hard to see).
Due to the descriptions of Partial and Total Concealment on page 19, I would probably rule that it's Partial Concealment when not adjacent.
I think its just another term from standard 4E that leaked over because a writer was careless. Like charging and a few others that have cropped up.

Since 'you have concealment' in 4E means essentially what 'partial concealment' functions as in GW, that's what I'd rule.
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